Custom Medical Face Shields

With COVID-19, safety face shields have become the norm in medical offices, hospitals and clinics. Our line of stylish customizable medical face shields is a perfect way to give your team the PPE they need — plus present your corporate message or brand in a professional manner. Face shields are a great way to provide added protection to your office staff while maintaining the ever so important ability to see facial expressions. Our durable clear face shields work great as a splash guard and clean up easily with mild soap and water. We can place your logo and personal message on each for free and ship them fast to help keep your staff safe and looking good...

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From $2.85

Custom Medical Face Shield

Low 50 Piece Minimum Order on all Custom Medical Face Shields
From $2.85

Kids Custom Medical Face Shield

Low 50 Piece Minimum Order on all Kids Custom Medical Face Shields

Health Care Workers are on the go — fighting COVID-19 with everything they have! What better way to tell the world we are here because we care than with Custom Medical Face Shields by

Created to be durable enough for multiple uses if cleaned with a mild solution of soap and water, our Custom Face Shields are also cheap enough to be considered a disposable face shield so your team can have a new shield for each procedure without breaking the bank.

Choosing our custom face shield line is a way to make your team stand out in a sea of workers while presenting your brand and customized message. Saying we care about you and will do everything in our power to help — eases the tension and fear people may have when sensing they may have COVID-19 Symptoms.

The 1 1/4” foam headband is made to be comfortable and offer ample space to wear over a mask as a splash guard for added protection. Each is made of durable .010” PET clear film plus individually bagged for added protection from potential handling contamination while distributing to the staff. knows custom is better because your message is important!